Network Readiness Index 2023 Global Media Coverage

December 4, 2023

News Media

Yahoo FinanceOp-ed
Yahoo News SingaporeOp-ed
AOL NewsOp-ed
IT WorldArticle
Tech DigestArticle
Morocco World NewsArticle
ICEF MonitorArticle
Business Media GeorgiaArticle
Business Media GeorgiaTV Segment
The StarArticle
South China Morning PostOp-ed
EACCNY Pulse: Transatlantic Business InsightsPodcast
The Daily TimesOp-ed
Newsdiary OnlineArticle
Nigerian TribuneArticle
India Press Information BureauPress Release
BNN BreakingArticle
MENA FNArticle
Ammon NewsArticle
The PointArticle
Bebas NewsArticle


Is the Level of Trust in AI Declining?
Anil Nair
Senior Fellow, Portulans Institute
Fostering industry competitiveness through digital transformation Ricardo Alban
President, Brazilian National Confederation of Industry (CNI)
Assessing the state of trust in a network society: the role of indicesBruno Lanvin
Co-editor, Network Readiness Index (NRI)
Artificial Intelligence in the Global South: Will AI Advancement Deepen Digital Divides and Inequalities?Matheus Depieri & Samantha Msipa
Fellows, Portulans Institute
The Complex AI Trust LandscapeJacques Bughin
CEO, Machaon Advisory
Building trust in the workplace: the role of companies in the digital ageMona Abou Hana 
Chief People Officer EMEA, PwC
The Risks of Unintelligent Adoption of Artificial IntelligenceAnand Anandalingam
Professor of Management Science, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
Building Trust in Emerging Technologies Karim Michel Sabbagh
Managing Director, E-Space, EMEA
Fostering trust in innovation: The potential of sandboxes for dataLorrayne Porciuncula 
Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative
The Duality of Trust in the Digital AgeJim Poisant
Former Secretary General, World Innovation, Technology, and Services Alliance (WITSA)
Translating AI Principles Into Industry PracticeJacques Bughin
CEO, Machaon Advisory
The Battle Against Mis- and DisinformationAyse Kok Arslan 
Generative AI Working Group, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Navigating Risks in the Humanitarian Sector’s Tech RevolutionSamantha Msipa
Fellow, Portulans Institute
How trust, the Internet and trade in services come together to foster inclusive growthHildegunn Nordas
Senior Associate, Council on Economic Policies (CEP)
Lessons from the Network Readiness Index: Trust and Digital Skilling in BrazilMatheus Depieri
Fellow, Portulans Institute
Trust in media and digital technologies in Greece: What is next?Ioanna Eskiadi
Fellow, Portulans Institue
M-Pesa: A Critical Enabler for Kenya’s Race to the Top in the Network Readiness Index 2023Raymond Onuoha
Senior Fellow, Portulans Institute
Visiting Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute
Understanding Public Perception: Generative AI and its Regulatory ConsiderationsGlobal Counsel
The Importance of Ongoing Skill Support for Achieving Digital Participation
The Good Things Foundation
Bridging the Trust Gap – Building Digital Assurance GloballyAmazon Web Services (AWS)