Introducing our 2022 Knowledge Partner, malomatia

December 2, 2022

Each year, Portulans Institute collaborates with a Knowledge Partner on the production of the Network Readiness Index (NRI). NRI Knowledge Partners are public or private institutions that are passionate about the overall goal of using technology for the good of all. They actively engage with the use of technology to enhance competitiveness, to further development and to support an inclusive and sustainable growth agenda. 

We are pleased to introduce malomatia as our Knowledge Partner for the 2022 Network Readiness Index. malomatia is a leading provider of technology services and solutions in Qatar, driven by Qatar’s National Vision 2030 to transform to a knowledge-based economy by delivering and integrating IT solutions for government agencies, healthcare facilities and education institutions.

Tell us a bit about malomatia, and its core values as a leading technology services and solutions provider. 

malomatia was established in June 2008, as a 100% Qatari Shareholding Company with a vision to enable government and businesses to excel by being a leading provider of professional information technology services and solutions. Motivated by Qatar’s National Vision 2030 of economic transformation, malomatia recognizes the importance of Qatar’s need to become a knowledge-based society. To meet the IT requirements of Qatar, malomatia was incorporated to support national objectives in delivering integrated IT services and solutions in several sectors, including Public, Healthcare, Energy, Education, Transportation and BFSI.

Based in Doha, Qatar, malomatia is committed to creating, deploying, managing, and sustaining local IT skills and expertise. malomatia is also dedicated to boosting the adoption of IT in critical economic sectors and increasing the contribution of IT to the country’s GDP.

malomatia enjoys the trust of 50+ entities including leaders in sectors such as the Public Sector, Energy, Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Utilities, Commerce & Trade, Banking and Technology.

malomatia’s core values as below: 

  • Energy – To lead the IT industry forward 
  • Trusted- Proven track record as a trusted partner 
  • Efficient – Always delivers solutions on time
  • Passion – Delivering best practice with confidence 
  • Flexibility – Ability to adapt to stockholder’s environment and needs

Considering the increased adoption of digital solutions across all areas, including e-government, e-commerce, telehealth, and educational technology, how is malomatia helping individuals, businesses and governments better prepare for the future through digital transformation?  

Driven by its vision to enable government and businesses to excel, malomatia has been helping several public and private sectors in the country to better prepare for the future through digital transformation as it is standing at the forefront of the digital transformation of Qatar.

malomatia’s Digital Transformation Framework is poised to reap the most advanced digital solutions & technologies in Cyber Security, Big data, Analytics/AI, Cloud Computing, Mobility, IoT and Smart Solutions that ensures the digital transformation of a business in a seamless and efficient manner. 

malomatia contributed to the digital transformation journey of several entities within the country, ensuring a smooth implementation of Qatar’s e-govt strategy, an all-encompassing platform that integrates with several entities to warrant individuals and businesses to benefit from connecting online and leading to a more open and efficient government. malomatia trusts that the country’s path towards a knowledge -based society is in line with QNV 2030 and is unhindered and smooth.

malomatia’s main asset is its people, having over 1100+ specialists and certified consultants, with over 13+ years of operation experience. We completed 100+ Consulting Engagements with over 150+ Applications leading to 25+ Digital Transformation programs and initiatives across Qatar. malomatia has played a very significant role in kick starting and accelerating the Digital Transformation of Qatar in a unified and systematic manner.

malomatia is profoundly aware of the local specific requirements of individual industry sectors within the country. This has empowered malomatia to guide the various sectors within the country with tailored solutions by utilizing the appropriate digital technology. The following are a few examples:

Customs – General Authority of Customs (GAC): malomatia supported GAC by implementing Qatar’s Single Window vision through the automation and development of customs process and procedures in line with the best international practices leading to an increase in efficiency of the digital trade- value-chain.

Judiciary – Supreme Council of Justice (SJC): malomatia undertook the design and implementation of a Digital Court. This project was successfully delivered providing modern advanced technologies and tools which were integrated with the existing Court Management System.  

General Authority for Minors Affairs (GAMA): malomatia was crucial in the digital transformation of GAMA by facilitating 8 digital solutions to handle 37+ services for end-users in addition to implementing an integrated government service gateway system with 13 different entities.

Trade & Commerce – Ministry of Economy & Commerce (MEC): malomatia redesigned the business process of the ministry to improve the efficiency and effectiveness throughout developing an e-service platform with multiple access channels (online, mobile-app, walk-in and back-office). During the recent pandemic malomatia was key in developing and implementing the Single Window Investors Portal that ensured easy access for investors (local & International) to submit their applications by using e-Services remotely including expediting approvals and processes.

Healthcare- Virtual Consultation- TASMU Program: malomatia played a major role in coordinating with all stakeholders within the health care sector to ensure that all business processes are integrated, and that the patients are provided with prompt services in line with COVID-19 crisis response plan. 

Rapid implementation of the virtual platform within less than 2 weeks from the onset of the pandemic.

  • Scheduled support and training of healthcare members to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Regular on-site presence of Malomatia team in healthcare facilities to provide support for Virtual Consultation users eased pressure on the medical facility.
  • 1770+ activated virtual accounts in place for the Virtual consultation portal.
  • 30+ medical services provided through Virtual Consultation.
  • Over 1M Virtual Consultations have already taken place.
  • 172+ clinics across Qatar utilizes virtual consultation technology thereby benefitting thousands of residents.

Community Services – Digital Farmer Community (DFC), TASMU Program: malomatia implemented and operates the TASMU platform, were DFC leverages the TASMU Platform’s integration of real-time weather data from the Qatar Meteorology Department and high-resolution satellite images from the Center for Geographic Information System to assist farms/farmers with professional advice on production planning, crop best practices and pest and disease management.  Which ultimately increased their productivity and reduced their operational costs.

This year’s NRI theme focuses on “digital natives” (people who have grown up under the ubiquitous influence of the internet and other modern information technologies). What do you think about the role of young people in the process of digital transformation and what is malomatia doing to empower young people in Qatar and beyond?

At malomatia we believe that young people will be the driving force for a paradigm shift in technology of the future and the world- digital transformation as a whole. Since its inception, malomatia strived to dedicate by virtue of a strategic vision to support these young generations by enabling their capabilities, opening fresh scopes and opportunities, and providing a listening ear to their aspirations.

Can you tell us a bit about the significance of joining the Network Readiness Index as a Knowledge Partner? What do you hope to achieve through this partnership?

Our partnership with Portulans Institute comes within our Global Responsibility framework. With this particular collaboration we assist the policy-and decision-makers around the world by producing independent, rigorous metrics and data-based research, thereby contributing to enabling sustainability and inclusive growth. We hope this partnership enables Portulans Institute’s initiative that makes the world a better place to live in and prosper.